About us

Nepal Career Training Foundation (CTF) Nepal is a leading institution of higher learning, committed to develop the educational sector of Nepal through the establishment of peaceful and pluralistic societies all over Nepal. CTF promotes all the stakeholders of schools at all stages of their life; through growth, evaluation, synthesis, dissemination and application of knowledge, and provides services that value sustainable, humanitarian and child friendly environment in school and outside. CTF has made a success story in dozens of schools by conducting hundreds of training and counseling sessions and produced hundreds of capable teachers who are serving for different schools of Nepal. CTF is committed to uphold and promote:

  • Excellence and quality in all its functions including training and development.
  • Acceptance of diversity and pluralism with particular regard to gender, race, color, beliefs, culture and religion.
  • Holistic development of its member schools, students, faculty and staff as managers and critical users of knowledge and human resource.
  • A culture of inquiry, creativity, critical thinking, and free exchange of thought.
  • Relevance of its functions to the goals of development of individuals, society and environment and the nation as a whole.


Educational scenario and its effect are changing globally. Those changes are focusing expansion on curriculum tremendously. With the growing complexities in the modern world, the importance of learning is increasing day by day. It is extremely difficult for teachers, school principals and even parents to prepare the youth for education and make them able to deal with life in this rapidly changing world. The only purpose of education has become to teach students how to live their life by developing their mind and equipping them to deal with reality. But this is not possible without making teachers able to deliver by understanding individual differences and its effect on learning in/outside the classroom. To address these things Nepal government is conducting training and teachers development program all over Nepal for public school teachers but there are few organizations that are committed to develop private sector efficiently.

The establishment of CTF Nepal came into existence with a group of individuals who were very much positive towards teachers’ development. Hence, CTF Nepal aims at producing capable, trained and skilled human resources to address the need of academic and social organizations in private and public sectors initially. At present we have been carrying out different training programs inside and outside the Kathmandu valley with a unique project with integrated approaches for school reform through teacher training and resource mobilization. The enclosures are the training contents, time allocation, budget and the other details of the project. The cost of the package varies depending on the program and place where we conduct.


Develop peaceful and pluralistic societies all over Nepal through the enrichment and enlargement of education and environment.


Promotes all the stakeholders of school at all stages of their life; through growth, evaluation, synthesis, dissemination and application of knowledge, and provides services that value sustainable, humanitarian and learner friendly environment.

Strategies of CTF to achieve desired outcomes

  • Recruit and retain highly qualified trainers who are committed to deliver and live upto the expectations outlined in the vision and mission.
  • Ensure merit and quality in the admission of students.
  • Develop and deliver knowledge content that is relevant to the local context and curriculum capitalizing on local comparative advantages.
  • Promote interactive and student- centered learning.
  • Develop a culturally symbolic and inviting environment.
  • Encourage partnerships and establish networks with global knowledge networks for exchange of relevant knowledge, trainers, and students.
  • Undertake trainer and staff development program to maintain excellence in quality.
  • Promote multidisciplinary integration of educational programs in order to enhance the versatility and entrepreneurship of stakeholders the organization
  • Facilitate “access” through “distributive” learning and “decentralization” system.
  • Seek multiple avenues for resource development.

Our goals

  • To ponder on how to make each teacher/trainee more productive and enhance the quality of what is going on in the school.
  • Digging out the potential of trainees to improve their individual performances
  • Expanding their range of skills, knowledge and insights in order to enhance their prospects for acquiring a better opportunity
  • Enabling trainees for the best use of resources
  • Empowering individuals and school to generate the targeted results
  • Help to adopt various global approaches custom writing papers in education systems to deal with emerging challenges in the rapidly developing world.
  • Establish partnership with parents and the community to foster child’s holistic development

Area of operation

  • Teachers’ development program (in/pre service)
  • Leader’s development program (in/pre service)
  • School Consulting
  • Parents education program
  • Counseling services
  • Event and extra curriculum/co-curricular activities (ECA/CCA) management
  • Different camps (winter camp, summer camp, holiday camp, etc.)
  • Design School Improvement Plan (short term/long term)
  • Preparation of Leaders Competency Verification Report
  • School setup
  • Teacher’s instructional manual/guidance document development
  • Leader’s instructional manual/guidance document development
  • Research, Seminar and Publication

Target group

  • Teachers
  • Parents / guardians
  • In-charges /Coordinators
  • Vice. Principals/principals
  • Board members
  • Investors
  • Business partners
  • Schools
  • School Management committee (SMC)
  • Parents Teachers Association (PTA)
  • Students

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